Recharge Natural Plant Growth Stimulant


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Recharge is a mix-and-pour soil microbe superpack. It works like an instant compost tea.

The soil microbes in Recharge go out and grab the nutrients in your soil, help break them down, and bring them back to your plant’s root zone.

Additional expected benefits include: faster growing, more resilient plants, less wasted nutrients, lowered risk of pH lockout, and lowered risk of nutrient burn.

Real Growers Recharge is the most trusted name in soil microbes.






Stronger, healthier plants in 48 hours or less
Bigger, brighter buds
and flowers
More flavorful fruits and vegetables

The Secret To Stronger Soil Is Out

Inside the gardening community, there’s an industry we’re not supposed to talk about. 

Until recently, it’s been looked down upon and pushed into the shadows. But some of the best growers out there work in this industry.

And these growers have a closely-guarded secret they don’t want you knowing about.

They’ve discovered a simple way to:

  • Grow massive root systems for their plants
  • Get more nutrients from their soil to their plants
  • And get more flavorful harvests than most people would even think possible

It’s not a new technology. In fact, it’s been around as long as plants themselves. We just didn’t understand how important it was, until now.

They’re using a specially formulated mix of soil microbes, called Recharge. With it, they grow some of the highest-value plants on the planet… but now, their secret is out.

Today, more and more gardeners are using Recharge for their fruits and vegetables, and seeing the same results.

Get bigger, beautiful, more flavorful plants with less work

  • All-Natural, Clean Ingredients
  • Works with Any Growing Media
  • Get More Flavorful Flowers
  • Stop Worrying About pH
  • WILL NOT burn your plants


All-Natural Ingredients

Our mix of specially selected soil microbes go straight to work on your soil, making it the ideal environment for your plants to grow in. They take dead soil and bring it back to life.

Give your plants the help they need to access more of the water and nutrients in your soil. The microbes in Recharge keep your plants well fed and watered so they grow big and strong.

Accordion content.

Mycorrhizae attach themselves to your root system, seeking out water and nutrients your roots wouldn’t normally be able to access. They help create a more expansive root system, ensuring your plants can get the most out of whatever soil you put them in.

Bigger roots mean bigger fruits.

We take the fastest growing plant on earth, and transfer its growth properties directly into your soil. This means your plants get that same benefit.

They’ll grow faster and fuller, with less effort on your part.

Your plants naturally produce small amounts of sugar that feed the microbes in your soil. The microbes, in turn, go out and get food to bring back to your plants. It’s a symbiotic relationship.

The more sugars the microbes get, the more food they can bring back to your plants. Molasses gives your microbes the energy to get more food and water to your plants, and store it for when your plant needs them most.

hese little guys are the building blocks of life. Add them to your soil for stronger, healthier, more resilient plants. They also help with secondary metabolites. This means you get flowers with more aroma and fruits with more flavor.

Glomus aggregatum 6.4 CFU/g
Glomus mosseae 6.4 CFU/g
Glomus intraradices 6.4 CFU/g
Glomus etunicatum 6.4 CFU/g
Bacillus subtilis 100,000,000 CFU/g
Bacillus megaterium 100,000,000 CFU/g
Kelp (derived from Ascophyllum nodosum) 12%
Molasses (microbe food) 6%
Humic Acid (derivied from Leonardite) 5%

Recharge Works Great For


Get great tasting fruits and vegetables


Repair lawn damage for a lush, green, vibrant lawn


Grow high-value plants with ease

Stronger Plants in 48 Hours

The most common complaint we get for Recharge is that it makes subpar growers look like they’re pros. We prefer to take it as a compliment.

The microbes in Recharge are so powerful, you’ll see a noticeable “pop” in the health and vigor of your plants. 

Find out what makes Recharge such a crowd-pleaser.

Using Recharge Is Easy

A Little Grows A Long Way

Easy as 1-2-3

  1. Mix ½ teaspoon Recharge per gallon of water.
  2. Pour it on your plant.
  3. Let Recharge do the rest.

When to use Recharge

  • Start using Recharge as soon as your plant has roots.
  • Use once a week from start to flush.
  • Excellent for reducing transplant stress.


  • For best results, use Recharge within one hour of mixing.
  • Pour whatever’s left on any problem spots you might have on your lawn.
  • Store Recharge in a cool, dry place for up to five years.

Use Recharge On Your

Clones / Seeds

Inoculate when first roots are visible with ½ tsp per gallon water / nutrient solution.


Water in at ½ tsp per gallon water / nutrient solution to minimize transplant shock.

Vegetative Plants

Use ½ tsp per gallon of water / nutrient solution, once a week.

Flowering Plants

Use ½ tsp per gallon of water/nutrient solution, once a week. Stop two weeks before harvest.

Added Benefits of Using Recharge

Prevents Nutrient Burn

Sometimes people overfeed their plants. The beneficial microbes in Recharge help digest any excess nutrients, making your plants less likely to burn.

Less Stress Over Pests

Stronger plants means higher brix and more resilient plants. This means your plants are less attractive to mites and other pests. When it’s harder for bugs to feed on your plants, they’re more likely to go elsewhere.

Helps Prevent Root Rot

Bacteria like Bacillus Subtilis surround your root zone making it harder for root rot to take hold. Recharge is packed with this, and similar beneficial microbes.

Stops pH Lockout

When your pH levels are out of whack, your plant can experience pH/Nutrient lockout. The microbes in Recharge help regulate pH level at the rhizosphere, making it so your plant can better access the nutrients you’re feeding it.

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