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Feeding your plants shouldn’t be as complicated as they make it.

Mixing and measuring. Figuring out which ratio for each ingredient. Buying 9 different nutrient bottles. Running out of different nutrients at different times. Making multiple trips to the grow store… I just couldn’t do it anymore.

Thankfully, I have a friend on the inside. He sells nutrients to some of the biggest commercial growers out there. He also let me in on a little secret.

The way you feed your plants is about to change forever.

Now you can feed your plants once, at the beginning of their grow cycle… and that single application will keep your plants fed for their entire grow cycle, all the way to harvest.

Choose Your Formula

Grow Dots Classic Formula

Perfect for Indoor and Auto-Flowers

One Application
Feeds 4-6 Weeks of Veg, then 8-10 Weeks of Bloom

Grow Dots Extended Veg

Great for Indoor and Outdoor Grows

One Application
Feeds 8-10 Weeks of Veg, then 8-10 Weeks of Bloom

Feed Your Plants the Easy Way

How Grow Dots Work

Grow Dots are a programmed Released Fertilizer. They come in 2 custom blends: Classic Formula and Extended Veg Formula.

For strong vegetative growth, Grow Dots release 75% of their Nitrogen during your veg cycle. Use Classic Formula if you veg for 4 to 6 weeks. Use Extended Veg Formula if you plan to veg for 8 to 10 weeks. 

Then, they transition to a Phosphorus and Potassium dominant “Bloom Formula”. These nutrients release for your entire flowering period.

Calcium and Magnesium do a slow-release for the full grow cycle, giving you strong and healthy plants.

After 8 weeks of Bloom, Grow Dots start to fade out, eliminating the need to flush your plants before harvest.

Grow Dots are perfect for new growers who don’t want to over-complicate things. They’re also great for busy growers who don’t have all day to spend in their gardens.

How to Use Grow Dots

For Clones/Seedlings

When up-potting to a Solo cup:

Use 1 teaspoon (5g) to feed one plant in a Solo cup.

Helps your plants root out faster, giving you stronger roots from the start.

For Buckets, Pots, and Containers

When transplanting or up-potting:

Use 1 tablespoon (15g) of Grow Dots per gallon of soil/media, adjust for your container size.

For growing in five-gallon buckets or pots, the 75g Single is the perfect amount to use.


Only transplant or up-pot ONE TIME when using Grow Dots. Go from your Solo cup, directly to your finishing container.

Mix in your Grow Dots when you pot your plant and let it go from there.

We don’t recommend using Grow Dots if you do multiple up-pottings in your grow cycle.

Why Use Grow Dots in Your Garden?

  • One application lasts an entire grow cycle, up to 16 weeks
  • Less expensive than bottled nutrient lines
  • Programmed release NPK for both Veg and Bloom
  • Nitrogen and Phosphorus for stronger roots
  • Phosphorus and Potassium for fuller flowers
  • Calcium and magnesium for stronger plants during the full grow cycle
  • Automatic nutrient fade out at the end of your grow cycle
  • Less stress and better results
  • From the makers of Recharge

Grow Dots FAQ

What makes Grow Dots release their nutrients?

Adding water activates your Grow Dots so they start releasing their nutrients. This prevents them from releasing nutrients while they’re in the bag. Once they get wet, nutrient release is dependent on the temperature of the medium.

Moisture is the “On/Off” switch. Temperature controls how much they release.

What temperature should my media be at to ensure proper nutrient release levels from my Grow Dots?

It’s ideal to maintain an average media temperature of between 68 and 75 degrees.

Higher temperature will cause nutrients to release faster. Lower temperatures will cause slower nutrient release.

Maintaining around 70 degrees in your media will feed your plants for up to 4 months, with a tapering off during the last two weeks.

I accidentally got my Grow Dots wet before I was ready to use them, what should I do?

Lay them out on a flat surface to dry. Once they’re completely dry, they’ll stop releasing nutrients and you can bag them back up for later use.

What makes Grow Dots release their nutrients?

What media can I use Grow Dots with?

Grow Dots work best in an inert, soilless media like ProMix, Sunshine 4, or Coco Coir. Use 15 grams (One Tablespoon) per gallon of media.

When using fortified media, use less Grow Dots to compensate for already available nutrients. However, Grow Dots are very forgiving, and aren’t likely to burn your plants, even when used at full strength in fortified soil.

How much Grow Dots should I use?

Use 15 grams (1 TBSP) per Gallon of soilless media.

If you’re growing in a highly fortified soil, it’s best to use less Grow Dots to avoid nutrient burn.

Grow Dots are very forgiving and are not likely to burn your plants, even in a fortified soil.

Mix Grow Dots into media, or top dress?

Either or, However we recommend incorporating it into the media if possible

Do I need to pH my water when using Grow Dots?

  • It’s good to know your water pH levels.
  • For coco, you’ll want your pH between 5.0 to 6.5.
  • For Soil, you’ll want your pH between 6.0 to 7.0
  • When using with Recharge, between 5.0 and 7.0 pH in any media.

If I use a bag soil like Fox Farm Ocean Forest should I lower the application rate of the Grow Dots?

Charged and fortified soils have plenty of nutrients built in. You can still use a full dose of Grow Dots in your soil, without fear of burning your plants, but they’ll be “jacked” (speaking scientifically).

How long should I stay in the solo cup before transplanting into my 5 gal with Grow Dots?

Add 5 grams of Grow Dots when you plant in the Solo Cup. At the end of two weeks, transplant to your 5 gal and mix in 1 Tablespoon (15 grams) per gallon of soil.

What is the recommended grow cycle to use with Grow Dots?

Grow Dots work great with a 4 Week Veg and up to a 10 Week Bloom.

A 16 Weeks grow cycle is the maximum we’d suggest for Grow Dots. But you’re much better off going with a 14 week grow cycle.

Grow Dots is great for growing small plants that produce a lot. It’s not made for growing grow big trees that don’t produce a lot.

What is the shelf life of Grow Dots?

Because the nutrients in Grow Dots are salt-based and wrapped in a food grade safe polymer, they can be stored almost indefinitely. Just make sure to keep them in a cool, dry, dark area.

Is the time release of Grow Dots acceptable for auto flowering plants?

Yes. Most auto flowering plants go for about 90 to 100 days.

Three and a half months is perfect.

How early should I add Grow Dots to Autos?

Mix in Grow Dots when you transplant into your 5 gallon bucket. Just mix them in with the soil before you transplant.

This is the same for autos and photos.

How much Grow Dots should I use with my Autoflowers?

Same as photos. 1 tablespoon (15 grams) per gallon of soil.

Can I top dress my autos that have already sprouted with the Grow Dots?

Do I want 10-20% run-off when using Grow Dots and coco?

Nope. That method works great for traditional fertilizers in hydroponics. With Grow Dots in coco, There’s no need for watering to run-off.

Do you recommend coco and hempy buckets with the Grow Dots or will soil and a drip system work?

Both systems work great with Grow Dots.

Can I use organic teas safely while Using Grow Dots?

A good organic tea will work great with Grow Dots. We recommend using something like Recharge as an instant compost and watering it in, once a week.

Should I add cal mag to my water when using Grow Dots with RO water System?

If you’re running a reverse osmosis system, you should consider supplementing in some cal mag with your water.

Is there any silica in Grow Dots, should I be adding it?

There is no silica in Grow Dots. But, silica does complement Grow Dots. So adding it in isn’t a bad idea.

Anything we should add? Maybe calcium if needed, silica and microbes, maybe Winter Frost

Some strains might need additional cal mag. This is a very strain-dependent answer. Microbes are always a plus. We recommend using Recharge with Grow Dots to help get the most out of them.

Can I use Recharge and Grow Dots together?

YES. Grow Dots were designed with Recharge in mind.

Can I use grow dots as a top dress once the nutes expire from the ffof soil?

Yes. But keep in mind, this will push your veg out about 3 weeks from when you top dress.

If you’re looking for an extended veg, this is a great way to accomplish that.

Is it a good idea to mix earthworm castings in with the coco when using Grow Dots?

If you like using earthworm castings, go for it. There’s no reason not to mix them in with your soil when using Grow Dots.

Can I reuse my Coco even though there are grow dots in it already. Will those throw off the feed or just use new Coco.

It’s best to just use new coco with each grow cycle. But, if you went the full 14 to 16 weeks previously, the old Grow Dots will have been spent and you’re good to add new ones.

Can I use Grow Dots with Peat Moss?

Yes. It works great with peat moss. 1 Tablespoon (15 grams) per gallon of peat mix.

Can I use Grow Dots outside in my garden bed?

Yes, You’ll want to use 7.5 tablespoons (about 112 grams) of Grow Dots per cubic foot of soil.

Can I use Grow Dots in a pot bigger than a 5 gallon bucket?

Yes. Just stick with one Tablespoon per gallon of potting mix in your container.

Can the grow dots be used with growing food? Ex. Tomatoes, lettuce, etc?

Yes, but different produce feeds on different nutrients.

So far, we’ve had amazing results with all kinds of peppers and tomatoes.

Can I use Grow Dots in DWC? Will Grow Dots also work in hydroponic growing systems?

Grow Dots were designed to be used with potting mixes like soil and soilless media, specifically coco coir or peat moss.

We did not make Grow Dots to work in something like DWC.

Grow Dots Classic Formula

Perfect for Indoor and Auto-Flowers

One Application
Feeds 4-6 Weeks of Veg, then 8-10 Weeks of Bloom

Grow Dots Extended Veg

Great for Indoor and Outdoor Grows

One Application
Feeds 8-10 Weeks of Veg, then 8-10 Weeks of Bloom

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