Recharge improves the quality of your soil so you can enjoy spectacular flowers, gardens, trees, and lawns



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Recharge 16oz Bag

What is Recharge?

Recharge is an all natural supplement that improves the quality of soil by adding beneficial microbes. These microbes work with plants naturally to increase available nutrition and improve plant health.

Recharge contains only high quality kelp, molasses, and humic acids, plus the strongest microbe package available anywhere.

No composting or brewing or required!

What Does Recharge Do?

  • Increases availability of soluble nutrition to plants
  • Increases plant vigor and resistance to stress
  • Will not burn plants at any concentration
  • Compliments ANY nutrient product; synthetic or organic
  • Helps to correct soil pH
  • Great for ALL PLANTS

Customer Feedback

Have you tried Recharge? Tell us about it!

Transplanted tomato starters and poppy starters right from inside to outside. Ground and weather conditions did not play a favorably roll. Applied at 2-3 times the recommended rate, had very little transplant shock, and plants showed EXPLOSIVE grow rates. Cant wait to see how it does on my catalpa trees that I will be transplanting soon.

So far my flowers in their 6th week have gotten Recharge twice. I’m not seeing any leaf burn and the plants look happy and seem to be bulking up well. I’ll be trying this out on my auto flower seedlings today now that they have their 2nd set of real leaves. What’s also awesome about Recharge is that it smells so good! It looks and smells like hot chocolate mix.

Thanks Scotty Real for a great product!

Tracy P.

My plants weren’t doing anything. Sat in the grow tent for two weeks with little or no growth. Some leaves were twisting so I suspected a lock out. I used Recharge to see if it would wake them up. Lo and Behold! The very next day the plants were partying! Happy and growing. Whatever the problem was went away, and the plants are thriving. Thanks, Scotty Real!
Green MD