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Build a Better Soil with  Recharge & Take the Guesswork Out of Gardening

Take the Recharge Challenge: Stronger Plants in 48 Hours Guaranteed

  • Stimulates Vigorous Growth Rates
  • Eliminates: Nutrient and pH Lockout
  • Compatible: With All Fertilizers

Recharge takes the guesswork (and gimmicks) out of gardening indoors or out! This organic superpack is designed for performance gardeners looking to grow stronger plants with bigger buds and lot less hassles. Recharge makes growing strong, healthy, heavy yielding plants simple.

The secret is in the microbes. Recharge loads your soil up with organic soil microbes that protect delicate plant roots while storing massive amounts of  available nutrients within your soil. These organic soil microbes naturally correct common problems like pH and nutrient lockout issue caused by over and underfeeding, while the natural biostimulants in Recharge stimulate strong above ground growth.

Recharge works with any fertilizer, any brand, any type. Why? Because Recharge is not a fertilizer. Fertilizer feeds plants. Recharge is a soil amendment, and increases the soils ability to hold more nutrient in the root zone, where the plants can easily access it. Recharge uses billions of beneficial soil microbes to work with any fertilizer, traditional or organic, to hold more nutrition in the root zone and keep less fertilizer from draining out the bottom of the pot.

Fast results you will notice in 48 hours! Expect a flush of new growth (on fast growing plants) and a quick green up. Its common to see results in as fast as 24-48 hours after use.

Recharge is the most powerful soil biology package anywhere! Undiluted, uncut and delivered at true professional strength concentrations. A little goes a long way (½ teaspoon per gallon with every watering does wonders!)

Recharge grows healthy, vigorous plants with unparalleled growth rates. More Soil Nutrition=Stronger Growth = Better Quality. Want to make performance gardening simple? Use a little Recharge with every watering, and Stand back! We guarantee it. Take the Recharge Challenge: Stronger plants in 48 hours Guaranteed.You will see healthier, stronger plants in 48 hours or your money back. We Guarantee it.


Size:  8oz, 1 lb, 5 lbs

Contains: Loaded with over 400 Million Colony Forming Units (CFU) of Beneficial bacteria, Plus trichoderma and Mycorrhizae fungi

Guarantee: We Know You Will Love Recharge! 100% Money Back Guarantee within 30 Days.

A True Professional Strength product that can be used on any plant in any soil type. Recharge is 100% Natural  and Organically Based.

Lawn & Landscape
Recharge is the safe and natural way to promote vivid colors and noticeably stronger growth around your home landscape. Unique non toxic formulation is safe for children and pets.
Bamboo Gardening
Bamboo & Palms-Recharge grows bigger, faster and more lush looking specimens by delivering more useable nutrition to the plants root system. Safe and non toxic, natural blend of soil beneficial increase root systems surface area over 400%.
Indoor Gardening
werful living soil beneficial on the market. Stimulates strong vigorous growth, eliminates PH and Nutrient sensitivity and works with All Fertilizer and Nutrient lines.

What our customers are saying

Transplanted tomato starters and poppy starters right from inside to outside. Ground and weather conditions did not play a favorably roll. Applied at 2-3 times the recommended rate, had very little transplant shock, and plants showed EXPLOSIVE grow rates. Cant wait to see how it does on my catalpa trees that I will be transplanting soon.

So far my flowers in their 6th week have gotten Recharge twice. I’m not seeing any leaf burn and the plants look happy and seem to be bulking up well. I’ll be trying this out on my auto flower seedlings today now that they have their 2nd set of real leaves. What’s also awesome about Recharge is that it smells so good! It looks and smells like hot chocolate mix.
Thanks Scotty Real for a great product!
Tracy Pilcher

My plants weren’t doing anything. Sat in the grow tent for two weeks with little or no growth. Some leaves were twisting so I suspected a lock out. I used Recharge to see if it would wake them up. Lo and Behold! The very next day the plants were partying! Happy and growing. Whatever the problem was went away, and the plants are thriving. Thanks, Scotty Real!
Green MD

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RealGrowers promotes Natural, Hi-Performance gardening both indoors and out. With over 20 years of experience, our goal is to provide performance driven growers with the information, products and expert support they need to have success in their gardens.