Everyone knows that feeding your lawn will help it grow. All quality fertilizers will deliver ample nutrition to your lawn.

The secret is keeping your expensive fertilizer in your lawn instead of washing away and contributing to the pollution problem.

Lifeless Soil Wastes Your Money and Pollutes Our Water

Without a healthy soil, lawns can’t hold fertilizer. Unused fertilizer then washes away, adding to the pollution runoff problem.

The secret to creating a healthy living soil is to increase the amount of soil organic matter with Recharge. Recharge adds living soil microbes to retain more water and nutrients at the root zone.

Holding more nutrients in your soil delivers more nutrients to your lawn.

How To Bring Your Soil Back to Life

The best way to improve the health of your soil is to add the microbial life that’s found in the most fertile, healthy soils.

The billions of living soil microbes in each teaspoon of Recharge hold and release valuable water and nutrition as the plant needs it. The results are a robust, drought tolerant root system.

What Does Recharge Do?

  • Promotes root growth
  • Increases availability of soluble nutrition to plants
  • Increases lawn vigor and resistance to stress
  • Will not burn your lawn at any concentration
  • Compliments ANY fertilizers you are already using

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Using Recharge will reduce the amount of fertilizer your lawn needs, reducing runoff and saving you money.

What is Recharge?

Recharge is an all natural supplement that improves the quality of soil by adding beneficial microbes. These microbes work with plants naturally to increase available nutrition and improve plant health.

Recharge contains only high quality kelp, molasses, and humic acids, plus the strongest microbe package available anywhere.

No composting or brewing or required!

  • All-natural, non-toxic
  • Store in a cool, dry place for up to 2 years

Super Easy To Use

Recharge is easy to apply – just mix it with water!

For smaller areas

For smaller areas, Mix 1 teaspoon per gallon of water into your favorite watering can and apply.

Hose-End Sprayer

For larger areas, add 2 tablespoons per quart into a hose-end sprayer. We prefer to use the Chapin International G390 Lawn Hose End Sprayer for Fertilizer.

How Much Recharge Will i Need?

One 8oz bag of Recharge will cover about 550 sq ft.
One 16lb bag will cover one-quarter acre.

When To Apply Recharge

Once a month, twice to see results faster.

Remarkable Effects

Foghorn Leghorn

I noticed a boost in a matter of days on both in-ground vegetables/perennial plants as well as potted plants. Other reviewers will speak more authoritatively about plant benefits than i can, so will just say I’ve seen it work with my own eyes.

It mixes easily and is very concentrated. It might be wise to use a pump sprayer if you’re going over a large area (of lawn, for example). Big recommendation.

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Hydrangea Heaven


This is a great product. Truly gets in there and makes the most of organic material.
My plants and Lawn have never seemed stronger.
Had a slow bloom Hydrangea, tried everything, every recommendation I could find including the coffee thing.
I counted 2 dozen blossoms on it already.
I’m Pretty certain it was adding this to the feeding.

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