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The Biggest Reason Why Most Plants Die

My buddy Nathan decided to start up a grow in his basement a few months back.

He dreamed of having a massive plant, filled with fat, frosted flowers.

He went online, bought a grow tent and some LED lights, a timer, a fan, and everything else he thought he needed.

He bought some soil, planted his clone, crossed his fingers, and waited…

The plant took root and started growing. But within a couple of weeks, he knew there was something wrong. The plant didn’t look happy at all.

A few days later, it was starting to slump and discolor, and a few of its leaves started to curl at the ends.

Frantic to save his plant, Nathan went back to the internet, searching for answers.

Give it more water!

Give it more food!

Give it less water!

Give it less food!


He got a bunch of mixed signals, added more water, bought some overpriced bottles of fertilizer, did what he could to save it… and the plant still died, less than a week later.

This happens to new and experienced growers all the time.

Nathan isn’t alone. And if you’ve ever experienced anything close to this scenario, neither are you.

ReCharge dead plants

The Death of Dirt

Here’s what Nathan (and millions of other growers out there) didn’t know.

He was trying to grow his plant in dead dirt.

Before soil gets sent to your local lawn and garden center, the soil companies sterilize the crap out of it. This can also be the case for most of the soil you’ll find in your local grow shops.

They do this to make sure bugs and pathogens, bad fungi and bacteria, and all kinds of other harmful stuff, can’t make a home in the soil during shipping and storage.

The problem is, all the good nutrients, microbes, and other living stuff your plant needs to thrive… gets sterilized too. Leaving you with dirt that’s dead, good for propping up your plants, and little more.

The “Root” of the problem is what the plant is rooted in; the soil.

Fix the soil, and the plant’s roots can do their job.

Ignore the problem of dead dirt… Well, don’t be surprised when dead dirt leads to dead plants.

ReCharge Soil

The Secret of Bringing Dead Dirt Back to Life

Plants are rather resilient. They grow in the most extreme conditions.

You’ll find them in the rockiest of mountains and most drought-ridden deserts. And there’s a reason for this.

Over millions of years, plants have evolved to grow in almost every environment possible… But not on their own.

To survive these extreme conditions, many plants developed symbiotic relationships with local fungi and other microbes. Some of these microbes merge with the roots of the plant and do some pretty amazing stuff.

Since they’re so much smaller than the roots are, (they look like little arm hairs on the roots) they can reach out and find water in places the roots can’t go. They grab that water and hold onto it for use when it’s needed. These little guys are known as mycorrhizae.

Imagine dipping your arm into a bucket of water. With a cleanly shaven arm, most of the water will roll right off.

Now, imagine doing the exact same thing, but with massive, hairy arms. When you pull your arm out of the bucket this time, think of all the extra water that sticks to your arms, simply because of all that arm hair.

That’s what mycorrhizae do for your plants. They seek out water and nutrients that your plant’s roots can’t get to. They hold onto it and deliver it when needed.

Other microbes can break down the “dead dirt”, accessing and delivering nutrients that would’ve otherwise remained untapped.

There’s a lot of food still in the soil, it’s just locked up and your plant’s roots can’t get access to it. But certain microbes can, and they pass those nutrients on to your plants.

In exchange for all this, plants provide these microbes with small amounts of glucose; sugar that feeds the microbes and keeps them going.

These microbes have evolved over millions of years to live in symbiotic relationships with the plants around them. They’re usually found in living dirt, and around the plants growing there, but good luck finding them in soil from your local garden center.

Getting these microbes back into your soil is the secret to turning dead dirt back into living dirt, and creating an environment perfect for growing your plants.


Problems Caused By Dead Dirt

Problem #1. Bad pH Levels

Keeping soil at the right PH is vital to growing healthy plants. Too high or too low, and your plants can’t absorb the nutrients they need from your soil.

PH levels in your soil must range between 5.5 to 6.8 for your plants to survive and be able to feed themselves.

Water from the tap often has PH levels that are too high. Plant food PH levels are often too low.

Adding too much of either one can screw up the PH levels of your soil, making it impossible for your plants to grow there.

A lot of times, plants can’t get food because the soil PH is already too low. Adding more food only makes things worse.

Plants are picky about where they’ll thrive, and dead dirt is the hardest soil to keep them alive in. That’s where the microbes come into play.

Microbes can break down and absorb nutrients at a much wider range of PH levels. They can access nutrients when your plants can’t. They also act as a buffer between your plant and the soil, providing nutrients and water from an environment that would otherwise be impossible for your plant to live in.

Lastly, microbes do this weird thing that’s kind of like burping, where they release carbonic acid.

Think of it as the stuff that’s released when you drink soda. It acts as a regulator for the PH levels in your soil – in the area right around your roots – creating what we call the rhizosphere.

When your soil is alive with the proper microbes, it becomes the perfect place for growing the high-value, high-yielding plants you’re looking for.

ph Levels

Problem #2. Wasted Fertilization

Maybe you’ve heard of probiotics.

Your gut has over 40 trillion active bacteria living in it, helping you break down food, turn it into energy, and balance your PH levels. These bacteria are known as microbiota.

Without them, the food you eat would do you no good. It would pass right through you and provide no nutritional value.

When you plant in dead dirt, this is what happens to most of the nutrients you pour on your soil. It passes right through, doing little to feed the plants contained therein.

And considering how expensive some of the higher-end nutrients can be… you’re basically flushing your money down the drain.

Now, think of how your teeth feel when you wake up in the morning.

Yeah, I know it’s gross, but you know what I’m talking about.

After eight hours of sleep, your teeth have a film of bacteria coating them when you wake up. It’s why most of us brush them, first thing in the morning.

That film is made up of trillions of tiny little bacteria, and they act like a sponge for anything in your mouth at the time.

When soil is alive, it also has trillions of little bacteria in it, acting like sticky-tape for any nutrients that might find their way there.

Instead of just passing through, the nutrients find themselves sticking to the soil. Or, more accurately, sticking to the film of microbes that surround every part of the soil.

This way, when your plant needs more food, it’s there waiting, stuck to the soil, adsorbed, and waiting to be consumed.


Problem #3. Weak Roots

The stronger a plant’s roots are, the more likely it is to survive. Plants with bigger roots… produce bigger fruits.

It’s that simple.

But dead dirt doesn’t have what plants need in order to grow strong roots. This goes back to what we talked about earlier; the area of soil surrounding the roots known as the rhizosphere.

This is the area where rhizobacteria tend to thrive.

These beneficial bacteria colonize your roots, working to promote root growth in a number of different ways.

They’re able to break down nitrogen in the soil and pass it on to your plant roots.

Through chelation, they’re able to make other minerals like iron and phosphorus more plant-soluble. This helps increase your plant’s mineral uptake.

Lastly, they help inoculate your plants against harmful fungi and other bacteria, which gives them more of a fighting chance to thrive in any condition.

What you really need to turn your dead dirt into living soil is a consortia of these microbes, in the correct proportions, specifically tailored to your kind of plants.


A Time-Tested Way for Breathing Life Back Into Your Soil

Compost Tea has long been a grower’s secret weapon for bringing dead dirt back to life. You can probably guess what it is, just by the name.

You brew it, pour it on your soil, and watch it breathe new life into old and dead dirt.

There are plenty of tutorials online to show you exactly how to make it for yourself.

It’s messy, time-consuming, and requires some equipment to manufacture. But anyone with a small compost pile can make their own.

Oh, and since compost isn’t always made up of the same materials, compost tea can vary in its effectiveness.

Despite all that, for as long as I can think of, Compost Tea has always been a grower’s best friend.

It’s what I always used in my grows… Until I didn’t.

Compost Tea

Condition Your Soil, The Easy Way

My name’s Scott. I own a Bamboo Farm in Florida and I currently live in Colorado.

Back when I first started growing bamboo, I found my fertilizer was washing away from my farm, and out into the ocean. Not only was this a huge waste of money; it wasn’t very good for the environment either.

After a lot of research on the subject, I met a world-class palm and bamboo expert who shared with me the secret of creating a custom microbial mix for my soil.

I added them to my bamboo plants and saw immediate results.

Years later, now in Colorado, I found myself growing for a lot of the local dispensaries… Only this wasn’t bamboo.

For a while, I struggled.

I was intimidated by my competition. My plants weren’t always as bountiful as I wished they were.

I wanted to be known as the best grower around, but that wasn’t the case… Not even close.

That’s when I re-discovered the idea of using a microbe consortia. Or, to be more accurate, that’s when I connected the dots and realized what worked for my Florida plants might also work for my Colorado plants.

I searched and searched and found a Microbe Formulator who helped me blend the perfect mycorrhizae, microbiota, and rhizobacteria for the new plants I was growing.

That was back in 2014. Since then, the secret got out about what I was using to grow my buds. We started making it available to other growers around the world, our business took off, and I haven’t looked back.

I’d created an instant Compost Tea, and it took the growing community by storm.

Bonus Ingredients

First, we sweeten the deal with some molasses.

We went and sought out the highest quality horticultural molasses we could find. Boiled from pure sugar cane, unrefined, and still containing all the trace minerals I knew I needed in there.

The molasses acts as a superfood for the microbes, kicking them into overdrive. That way, if your plant isn’t strong enough to provide them the sucrose to start working, they’ve still got what they need, right there in the mix with them.


Next, we added kelp, harvested from cold-water liquid forests in Norwegian waters.

Most people don’t know this, but kelp is the fastest growing organism on the planet.

We source the perfect balance of cold-water Norwegian Ascophyllum nodosum kelp and add it to our formula. This helps pass on those properties to your plants, providing them everything they need for the fastest growth possible.

ReCharge Kelp

To top it off, we dosed it with some really good acid.

No, not that kind of acid… Humic, Fulvic, and L-Amino acids.

Humic Acid improves soil health and helps to trap pollutants, keeping them out of your valuable plants.

Fulvic Acid stimulates plant growth and increases nutrient uptake.

They act as organic chelators, making it easier for your plants to absorb vital nutrients like potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen.

What most people don’t know is that they also help your plants get other nutrients, like iron, zinc, and magnesium.

On top of all that, they increase nutrient mobility throughout your plants; making sure all this stuff gets exactly to where it needs to go.

Recharge L-Amino Acids

To finish up the trifecta, we include L-Amino acids.

L-Aminos are proteins and they act as the basic building blocks of almost all plant life. Your plants are already loaded with these little guys, but making sure they’re in your soil is a game-changer.

Through the process of chelation, they’re able to free up even more zinc, magnesium, and copper from your soil and make sure it’s taken in by your plants.

It’s also able to increase calcium uptake by up to 1,000%. Calcium helps create a stronger vascular system in your plants, making them even more resilient to anything the world might throw at them.

Oh, and one last thing about L-Aminos, they’re responsible for bringing out the taste and flavor of your plants. So, if that kind of thing is important to you, don’t skimp on the L-Aminos.


Less Mess and Better Buds

We call this stuff Recharge.

It’s everything you’d get in a compost tea, and a lot more.

Your soil is the battery for your plants.

Recharge takes dead soil, recharges it, and turns it into the perfect environment for your plants to thrive in.

Now You Can Grow With Confidence

Most of the growers who try Recharge for the first time see stronger plants within 48 hours.

As soon as you water your soil with it, trillions of tiny little microbes go right to work.

They start breaking down your soil into nutrients for your plants to feed on. They start making sure your plants are getting the right amount of water. They start regulating the PH levels of your soil.

And Recharge has everything they need to make sure they can do it all with ease.

So far, the most common complaint we get about Recharge is that it makes crappy growers think they’re amazing growers.

Start with the 2oz

Perfect for the home grower.

Keeps two plants Super-Charged for up to 10 weeks..

Get yours for only $9.95

Real Growers Recharge 2 Ounce Front

Here’s What Growers Are Saying About Recharge

To date, Recharge has thousands of happy growers using it in their gardens.

We’re carried by over 640 retailers, nationwide.

We’re used by hundreds of dispensaries and professional growers in the United States.

Oh, and if you want to get it straight from the horse’s mouth…

We’ve got 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon, with over 4,809 reviews, and counting.

And if all that wasn’t enough to convince you… We use our own product.

In fact, I created it for my own grows. I still use it for my own grows.

It’s everything I’d want in a product if I could make it myself, for my own use…

Because that’s exactly what it is.

Growing the Perfect Plant Has Never Been Easier

Look, I’m not the smartest guy out there. And I don’t have a lot of time to spend on things like making sure everything is measured out in the exact right proportion.

That’s why I use Recharge, rather than trying to do all this from scratch.

That way, when I get it home, all I have to do is mix it with some water and go.

It’s easier than mixing Kool-Aid.

Half a teaspoon per one gallon of water, poured on my soil once a week. I call it my “Once-A-Week Treat”.

Then, I just water like normal for the rest of the week.

One gallon is enough for three plants, but you don’t have to be perfect. If you overuse it, you’ll be fine.

Recharge will never burn your plants.

Whatever you don’t use right away, just pour it on your other plants or on any trouble spots in your lawn. Recharge is great for that as well.

When it sits dry, Recharge has a five-year shelf life, so you don’t have to worry about using it up before it expires. However…

Once you mix it with water, make sure you add it to your soil right away.

It’s filled with a bunch of life-giving microbes, and their chemistry starts changing if you let them sit. Add it to your soil within 3 hours of mixing it, that way you’ll get the best results possible.


Get Growing Now

The 2ox Bag is a great way to get started with ReCharge.

Keep your soil super-charged for up to 10 weeks.

Get yours for only $9.95

Exactly What Your Plants Need

I get it. There’s a lot of stuff out there. It can get a bit confusing and overwhelming.

What works with what? What’s actually needed? What’s just a bunch of random ingredients, thrown together to look impressive, but really, nothing more than worthless snake oil?

I’ve seen growers with a grow room one size, and an even bigger room to store all their growing accessories; fertilizers, assorted nutrients, PH measuring meters, etc.

Growing shouldn’t have to be that difficult.

You should be able to set your lights, feed and water as required, and let your soil do the rest of the work for you.

Recharge makes that possible. It breathes new life back into your soil and gives you the ideal environment to grow stronger plants in.

    Worry-Free Growing, with Recharge

    • You won’t have to stress about over or under-watering.
    • You won’t have to worry about your nutrients messing up your soil.
    • You won’t have to spend all your time researching what’s going wrong with your plants.
    • You won’t have to worry about planting those expensive seeds you just bought, only to watch them wither away.
    • You’ll have beautiful, high-yielding, high-value plants you can be proud of.
    • Recharge makes growing easy and stress-free, so you can grow with confidence.

    Getting Started Is Easy

    Bring your soil back to life and get the best plants you’ve ever grown.

    Order now and get a 2oz Bag for under ten bucks. 

    Recharges two plants for up to 10 weeks.

    Get yours for only $9.95

    Order today.

    Stronger Plants In 48 Hours


    Remember my buddy Nathan I mentioned at the beginning of this article? I got him to try growing again, and he’s just about to crop his first successful grow cycle.

    Same tent, some fresh soil, and Recharge once a week.

    His plant looks beautiful, strong, and healthy.

    If he can do it, I know you can too.  

    We believe in Recharge so much that we offer a 48 Hour Money Back Guarantee.

    Use it once, as directed, and if you don’t see stronger, healthier plants in 48 hours, we’ll refund your purchase.

    Take a before and after picture of your plants. Email them to us with a picture of your opened bag of Recharge. And if your plants aren’t noticeably stronger, we’ll refund your purchase.

    We’ve made this offer available for almost a decade now, and no one has ever felt the need to take us up on it. That’s why we offer it so confidently.

    The choice is yours:

    You can grow the hard way, and take on all the work and risk that comes along with it.

    You can throw in the towel, and decide that growing just isn’t for you.

    Or, you can do what thousands of smart growers out there are already doing.

    Money Back
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