Real Growers 2 x 4 Grow Tent Checklist

Today, we’re gonna show you everything you need to set up a 2 x 4 grow tent in the corner of your room. It won’t take up much space. You can get a legit harvest out of it. And you can get the whole set up for under $800.

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The first thing you're gonna need is two (2) five-gallon buckets, and, the darker, the better. I like the blue Lowe's buckets, because you don't wanna let light in there, so those are perfect.

GroBuckets Inserts

The next thing is gonna be our GroBucket inserts. You'll need two of these. They make watering your plants a lot easier.

Drill Bit

The third thing you're gonna need is something to drill a hole in your buckets. Any kind of drill or sharp object can work. You're just drilling a hole in plastic.

The idea is you drill in a hole three inches up. So if you overfill the bucket, it's a little drain hole to let the water out. That's the idea.

2' x 4' Grow Tent

Using a grow tent gives you control over the light and environment. The light will reflect off the walls in your tent and bounce back onto your plants.

You also want a controlled environment so you can maintain certain humidity and temperature levels inside the tent.

A little 2 x 4 tent has a small footprint. You can fit it on the corner of any bedroom or in a walk-in closet. And you can literally grow a half pound or more, once you get it dialed in.

I love AC infinity products. I recommend their Cloudlab 2x 4. It's six foot tall, four foot wide, and two foot deep. It's a perfect tent for just getting started. But really, it’s perfect for anyone who just wants to grow a couple of plants in their home.


The next thing is lights, the energy for your plant. Using lights in specific ways will give you control over how you can veg and bloom your plants. We'll get into more on that later,

You'll want something that provides plenty of energy. For a 2 x 4, you're gonna want 200 Watts of white LED, something between 3,500 and 4,000 Kelvin, or “K”.

I love the AC Infiniti Ion Board S24. It’s a full spectrum LED. It's 3,500 to 4,000 Kelvin, which is a nice, bright white light.

It's got super efficient 200 watt Samsung diodes. This provides a perfect spectrum for both veg and bloom.

It’s sized perfectly for a 2 x 4 tent

Another really cool thing about AC infinity products is they all work together. This light works great with their Controller 69.

Clip-On Fans

Let’s talk about circulation inside the tent. When you circulate air inside the tent, you're bending those stalks a little bit. You're helping them grow big and strong.

You're also keeping bugs from being able to land on there comfortably. Bugs don’t like the blowing air. It's always blowing on your plants, which also helps prevent powdery mildew.

You want to keep the air moving in there. You never want it to be stagnant. So, you can do this really easily.

I recommend the AC Infiniti Cloud Ray S9 clip-on fans. They’re auto-oscillating, which is really cool. You don't want it blowing on just one part of the plant.

So again, just a couple clip-on fans there, and you're good to go.

Inline Fans

Stale air is the enemy. We've gotta keep that air moving, inside the tent. We also want fresh air, moving through the tent. For that, we're gonna use an inline fan.

This brings in more CO2. It helps regulate and control your tent’s temperature and humidity. It's very important.

And again, I'm sounding like a broken record here, but the reason I recommend all the AC Infinity products is because they all fit together like a kit.

You've got your light. You've got your tent. And now you've got your air filtration kit.

It's got your inline fan with a speed controller. It has a carbon filter and the ducting. And it’s got your carbon filters, which is great for if you’re growing in your house. Carbon filters take the smell away, which used to be the biggest obstacle for all of us home growers out there.

I like this little filter because it's small, it's quiet when it's coupled with the fan, and you can put it either inside the tent, or outside the tent. And it works with that Controller 69, which is key.

Controller 69

I mentioned the Controller 69 a few times already. That's because it really is a game-changing product.

AC Infiniti kudos to you.

Back in the day, we needed a separate timer, something to control temperature, something else to control humidity, and these were all fail points for your grow.

AC Infiniti took it to the next level. They made this Controller 69. It controls your lights, controls your fans, and has built-in temperature and humidity controls.

In a little 2 x 4 tent, it reduces a need for additional AC, which is pretty cool.

It also comes with a phone app which works seamlessly.

Coco Coir

Next, we're gonna talk about your media, the big bags of soil you see when you’re in the grow store.

They've got several types. Peat moss based soil is really popular. But my favorite type of media is coco coir. It's just a super clean, inert growing environment.

In general, your media is just used to hold the plant up and give it somewhere to take root. Coco has the benefit of being nice and airy. Your nutrients can really get in there and get to your plant roots.

For coco coir, Canna Coco is my favorite brand. It's just good quality. It's fluffy. It's clean. It's consistent. And it's always worked well for me.

Watering Can

Next thing we're gonna need is a watering can, and this might sound really simple, but we want to get the right one.

You want one that has a long spout so that you can get the water right into those GroBucket inserts. We also wanna use that same watering can to apply your Recharge, once a week. So you’ll be top-watering with Recharge, once a week as well.

Trimming Scissors

All right, we're getting to the fun part. It’s time to get yourself some trimming scissors.

You’ll need them for trimming your plants when you're done. You’ll also need them for topping and pruning.

I recommend Fiskars. Their micro-tip trimmers are the absolute best. They're the industry standard.

Bamboo Stakes and Ties

If you’re gonna grow some buds, your plants are gonna get pretty top-heavy. If you don’t stake them up, they're gonna fall over when they start to flower. You’ll need some bamboo steaks and some plant ties.

The idea here is, we're just gonna stake these things up, cuz they're going to get heavy. The three foot bamboo stakes are gonna keep 'em upright while they flower.


We talked earlier about the media. The media basically just holds the plant in place. It's inert which means it doesn't have any nutrition in it.

We need to add nutrition to the soil to keep the plant growing.

There’s a lot of different philosophies out there on feeding your plants and picking nutrient lines. I used a formula recently that had 11 different bottles to mix. I won’t be doing that again.

I like to keep things simple, so I just use grow dots. You use one packet, which is 75 grams, per plant. It feeds the entire grow cycle. It's so simple.

Soil Microbes

The next thing I want to tell you about is soil microbes. They’re a big innovation in growing plants. When you use 'em, you can tell.

Living soil microbes strengthen plant roots and they make nutrients more plant-available. I use Real Growers Recharge. It's a complete microbe package that has everything your plants need.

Just mix it with water and pour it on your plants. It's so easy to use.

For a complete grow cycle, you'll need maybe six of the Recharge starter sticks.

Time to Get Growing

There you have it, everything you need to set up your simple 2 x 4 grow tent. That’s enough room to grow two plants, harvest about a half pound of flower or more, for less than 800 bucks.

It’s a great investment, and you can use it to harvest, over and over again.

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Actually, that’s probably a bad name for it because these tips are great for any level of grower. But if you are a new grower, you don’t want to miss out on this information.

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