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  • Two 6-packs Shotgun Shell Samples
  • One Case of 12 Realgrowers Recharge 8oz bags
  • One Case of 12 Realgrowers Recharge 16oz bags
  • One 5lb Realgrowers Recharge bag
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Recharge is an Organic Superpack that uses colonies of living soil bacteria and fungi to increase plant available nutrition. Expect a noticeable pop and jump in plant vigor within 48 hours. Guaranteed!

Recharge is a Bio-Fertilizer and can be used in BOTH ORGANIC & CHEMICAL PRODUCTION to make any fertilization program more efficient and much more effective. Most growers can dial their nutrient program back by about 25% while growing stronger plants with better quality & yields. It sounds too good to be true, but Recharge definitely grows amazing roots for huge fruits.

What separates Recharge from the pack is the specific strains of nitrogen loaded bacteria and beneficial fungi that decompose locked up organic materials and deliver them as a usable nitrogen food source for the plant to take as needed. We formulate with organic ingredients and are proud to offer a complete package including: Mycorrhizae, trichoderma, bacillus, molasses, and humic acid.