This New Technology is About to Revolutionize

The Way You Grow Your Plants

Grow Dots

Get ready.

Your next harvest is about to be overflowing with the fat, frosty flowers you’ve always dreamt of.

Your plants are about to get everything they need to grow up healthy, strong, and full of flowers.

And you’ll only need to feed them once… Throughout their entire grow cycle.

Sounds too good to be true?

That’s because, up until now, it was.

What you’re about to discover will change the way you think about growing… Forever.

The Nuisance of Nutrients

Life comes at you a-mile-a-minute. You’ve got things to do, and feeding your plants can be a hassle. It’s confusing, time-consuming, and costly.

You can spend hours trapped in your grow, measuring out nutrients, doing the math, and checking your calendar. But it has to be done.

Forget to feed, and your plants start to die.

Overfeed, and they’ll start to burn.

It can start to feel like you’re chained to your garden.

Even if you’ve got a feeding schedule you trust, the whole thing can be a bit intimidating.

It’s no wonder why so many would-be growers give up after one or two failed attempts at getting started.


Nutrients and the Hot Dog Bun Problem

Here’s the worst thing about those complicated feeding schedules. It’s the same problem I have with hot dogs and hot dog buns.

Hot dogs come in packages of ten, while hot dog buns come in packages of eight. The bun bakers don’t coordinate with the meat makers, and it’s the customer who pays.

You fire up the grill, serve up the dogs, and you always end up with extra hot dogs… and not enough buns.

At the end of every grow cycle, I had the same problem. Empty bottles of one nutrient. Half-empty bottles of another. And quite a few bottles with not enough for another grow, but too much left over to throw away.

You should’ve seen what my nutrient shelf looked like. Cluttered doesn’t begin to explain it.

Then, when it came time to start my next grow, I’d cross my fingers, go to the grow supply store, and hope they had whatever I was running low on.

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Scotty Real

Industry Insider Reveals All

Hi, I’m Scotty Real, co-host of the Dude Grows Show, and creator of Recharge.

I love enjoying medicine grown in my own garden, but I’m a pretty busy guy.

I’ve been blessed with a pretty successful business to run. I do a daily podcast for growers. I’ve also got a family that means a lot to me, and I try to spend as much time with them as possible.

Sometimes it’s hard to give my plants the attention they deserve. And I got tired of watching them die when life got too hectic.

Out of this problem, sprouted the idea of Grow Dots.

I’m always on the lookout for better, easier ways to grow. Yes, for my own selfish reasons. But also, because I want to bring as many people into the growing community as possible.

Some of the biggest commercial growers in the country use Recharge, my flagship Real Growers product. As a result, I get access to new technology in the specialty crops industry, years before most other growers do.

Today, I’m going to share some of that insight with you.

The Fertilizer of the Future


What if you could feed your plants once, and then forget about them?

There’s this new technology called Programmed Release Fertilizer and it’s taking the growing world by storm. Crop farmers of all sizes are using it in their fields and nurseries, and for good reason.

You add to your soil once, and it feeds on a programmed release. Your plants get what they need, in the amount they need, at the time they need it.

I saw what some of the crop farmers were doing, and wondered if it could work with what I was growing.

That’s when we brought in the big hitters.

I have an inside man at one of the top fertilizer companies in the country. He’s what they call, a Custom Formulator. I told him about my idea and asked if he could help.

What we came up with will change the way people grow their plants, forever.

It’s a revolutionary, programmed release fertilizer, designed specifically for on a 16-Week grow cycle.

Introducing; Grow Dots

Light Green Dots; N-P-K

Programmed release over the first 6 weeks of your grow cycle. High Nitrogen, for strong, vegetative growth. Phosphorus and Potassium, for stronger, healthier plant roots.

Dark Green Dots: Phosphorus and Potassium

These dots kick in after 30 days, delivering more phosphorus and potassium to your plants while they’re in bloom.

Orange/Brown Dots: Calcium and Magnesium

The right amount of Cal-Mag, provided throughout your grow cycle. Calcium, for nutrient mobility. Magnesium, so your plants can make the most of your light source.

Ugly Rock-Looking Dots

These are our proprietary blend of highly soluble micronutrients. Like the Orange/Brown Dots, these micronutrients slowly release over your full grow cycle.

The result is a one-and-done solution that makes plant feeding easy.

Grow Dots

Get Your Grow Dots Today

Grow Dots 16-Week Programmed Release Plant Fertilizer

  • One application lasts an entire 16-week grow cycle
  • Programmed release NPK for both Veg and Bloom
  • 6-Week Veg / 10-Week Bloom
  • Nitrogen and Phosphorus for strong vegetative growth
  • Phosphorus and Potassium for stronger roots and fuller flowers
  • Calcium and Magnesium for stronger plants during the full grow cycle
  • Built-in Nitrogen phase-out means No Flush Required
  • From the makers of Recharge

Save time, energy, and money by using Grow Dots in your garden.

One 75 gram packet keeps your plant fed for an entire 16-week grow cycle.

For strong vegetative growth, Grow Dots release 75% of their High Nitrogen nutrients in the first 45 days.

Then, they transition to a Phosphorus and Potassium dominant “Bloom Formula” that lasts for your entire flowering period.

Plenty of Calcium and Magnesium, released throughout your full grow cycle, giving you strong and healthy plants.

Designed with nutrient phase-out technology, so there’s no need to flush your soil at the end of each grow cycle.

Perfect for new growers and busy growers alike.

Grow Dots 24oz

How to Tell if Grow Dots Are Right for You

Grow Dots aren’t for everyone.

Lots of growers want complete control over their environment. Some, because they’re purists. Others, because they have a strict recipe they follow for controllable, consistent results. Grow Dots aren’t for these kinds of growers.

Grow Dots for growers who want results, without all the hard work.

Grow Dots are for growers who want to bring out the unique flavor of each individual strain, using our exclusive feeding program.

Mix Grow Dots in when you pot your plant. Then, sit back and let Grow Dots do all the work for you.

Compost Tea

Growing; Simplified

There are lots of different ways to grow, and that’s one of the things we love so much about this community.

Some growers would never think of using a shortcut like Grow Dots in their garden, and we would never try to convince them. But…

Grow Dots are perfect for a lot of the growers out there.

  • People that want strong, healthy plants, but don’t want to spend their lives in their grow.
  • People new to growing, who don’t want to deal with a complicated feeding schedule.
  • Busy people like me, who love growing, but need to do it with the least amount of stress possible.
  • We created Grow Dots to make growing as accessible as possible, to as many people as possible.
Grow Dots

Growing High-Value Plants Has Never Been Easier

Hot Peppers
You only need one application for an entire grow cycle. Your nutrients release in the proper proportions, at the right time, to match the growing phases of your plants.

Use Grow Dots as instructed, and you’ll never have to worry about under-feeding or over-feeding your plants again.

Your plants will be strong and healthy.

You won’t have to worry about them getting burned.

Grow Dots phase out at the end of your grow cycle. No Flush Required.

They take all the stress of feeding your plants and make it a thing of the past.

No more complicated feeding schedules.

No more cluttered shelf space, overflowing with half-empty nutrient bottles.

No more wasted time. No more wasted fertilizer. 

One 75-gram packet of Grow Dots feeds One 5-Gallon Container. Up to 6 weeks of Veg and 10 weeks of Bloom.

Get fat, frosty, terpene-rich plants, even if you’re brand new to growing.

Get the most out of your garden, even if you can’t tend to it as much as you might think is required.

Frome Clone to Fully Grown,

From Seed to Flower.

From Real Growers – the makers of Recharge – comes the latest addition to our “Growing; Simplified” line-up:

Grow Dots.

Get Your Grow Dots Today

Grow Dots