Real Growers


The Easy Way

Today we are going to pop a pack of seeds using a paper towel, water and Real Growers Recharge..

1. Acquire quality seeds from a reputable seed bank. Oh – you’ve done that already! Excellent

2. Gather the items you’ll need:

  • Seeds
  • Paper Towel
  • Ziploc Bag
  • Tap Water
  • Watering Can or mason jar
  • Real Growers Recharge stick pack

3. Prepare Recharge by mixing ⅛ teaspoon / a couple taps from a stick pack of Recharge with 16oz of tap water in a watering can or mason jar. Recharge is potent, a little goes a long way. Adding more won’t hurt anything, but you really only need a little to get the best results..

4. Fold paper towel in half and lay flat on a plate

5. Open a pack of seeds and place onto one half of the paper towel.

PRO TIP: pop the whole pack to drastically improve your chances of finding a keeper

6. Fold the empty half of the paper towel over the seeds to cover.

7. Wet the paper towel with the Recharge and water mix. The paper towel should be full of liquid, but you should not be able to see liquid on the plate. If you do, just drain it off.

8. Wait 48hrs. Try not to disturb the paper towel.

9. Peel open the paper towel and look for little white tails – that is the new plant’s taproot, and you have germinated a seed!

10. Once the root is a half-inch long or so, you can transplant it into your soil or coco.

Is humidity low in your germination area?

No worries, place the plate into a humidity dome so that the paper towel does not dry out too quickly.

Is your germination area cold?

Seeds germinate best between 70-80 degrees. If your room is colder, a heat mat can help to keep the seeds in the correct temperature range.

If you are cold and dry – it works great to use both the dome and the heat mat.


Use tweezers to gently grab the shell of the seed, and carefully place the seed – taproot first – into a small hole in your soil/coco.

The hole should be deep enough so that the seed shell is just below the surface of the soil/coco.

Cover the seed with just a little soil/coco so that it stays warm and moist in the media.

That’s it. You’re ready to start growing some awesome plants.

Of course, we advise using Recharge on your plants, once a week, all the way through your grow cycle. To make that easy, we wanna hook you up.

While you’re here, grab yourself an 8oz Recharge, (that’s enough for about 20 full grow cycles) and we’ll pay shipping.


Real Growers Recharge

Once-A-Week Treat For Your Plants

Real Growers Recharge Natural Plant Growth Stimulant

Recharge is a mix-and-pour soil microbe superpack. It works like an instant compost tea.

The soil microbes in Recharge go out and grab the nutrients in your soil, help break them down, and bring them back to your plant’s root zone.

Additional expected benefits include: faster growing, more resilient plants, less wasted nutrients, lowered risk of pH lockout, and lowered risk of nutrient burn.

Real Growers Recharge is the most trusted name in soil microbes.