Let Us Sponsor Your Content

If you’re seeing this page, it’s because I’d love to have Real Growers sponsor your content.

We’ve got an affiliate/sponsorship program that we only offer to a few select creators. We’re hoping to get you on board.

Here’s the idea.

We want to pay a monthly sponsorship for your content, in exchange for some scheduled sponsor shout-outs. On top of that, we’d love to give you a cut of any sales that come from your audience.

If you’re interested, we’ll set you up with your own coupon code to have your audience use. Every time they do, they get ten percent off their order, and you get 20% of the sale.

Average checkout at the Real Growers store is about $90. That can mean an extra 100 bucks in your pocket every 5 or 6 people who use your coupon.

Our products, Recharge and Grow Dots, are already proven sellers. 

So, you get a sponsorship fee each month, plus a cut of every sale that comes for your coupon code.

The sponsorship will be based on how your content performs on average in the 30 days after release.

If you need help writing some ad reads, we’ve got a master copywriter on board to help you out… no charge. And we don’t expect long, annoying ad reads. We’d prefer just a quick shout out with a call to action.

Again, we can help you out with writing them, if needs be.

We’ll set up a landing page on our site for you and your fans. It’ll have all the information there for them to use the coupon code and make sure you get credit for the sale.

Here’s an example of what your landing page would look like.

We make it as easy as possible for you to succeed when you decide to come on board.

Every month, you’ll get a sponsorship payout. And we’ll review and renew your contract on an every-three-month basis. 

You’ll start getting the sponsorship payments on day one.

For the affiliate payouts, you’ll get them at the end of each month, paid for the previous month. So you’ll get your first affiliate payout, about 60 days after we get you signed up.

This gives us the ability to adjust for any refunds that might happen in the first 30 days after a purchase.

So, after the first 60 days, you’ll get your affiliate payout every month, for the period of two months earlier.

I know that’s a little confusing. If it doesn’t make sense, feel free to hit me up and we’ll get it all sorted out for you.

So, here’s a real quick recap:

  • We pay you every month to sponsor your content, and review that arrangement every quarter.
  • You let your viewers know that we sponsor your content, and let them know they can save 10% on anything at Real Growers when they use your coupon code.
  • You get a coupon code for your people to use on Real Growers that gets them 10% off their order.
  • You get 20% of the purchase, every time your coupon code is used.
  • We’ll set you up with a landing page on our site.
  • We get the satisfaction of sponsoring your content.
  • And you get to share in the profits from Real Growers.

If this sounds good, just let me know. I’ll be following up with you about it over the next few days.

If you have any questions, hit me up. You’ve got my number.


Scotty Real

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